Thursday, December 4, 2008

Emergency Managers' Roles Need Revision - Government Technology

Emergency Managers' Roles Need Revision - Government Technology:
"Dec 1, 2008, By Scot Phelps

By definition, emergency managers serve as the coordination focal point during disasters and catastrophes and engage in the four phases of disaster management: preparation, response, recovery and mitigation.

But given the rarity of disasters, particularly catastrophes, government cannot justify expending significant effort on the preparation phase, except in environments where disaster-scale events occur with reasonable frequency, such as hurricanes in Florida.

As a result, emergency managers are usually isolated with no real authority to direct significant funding for preparedness projects; have no real role in coordinating response; don't manage global aspects of community recovery; and have a limited ability to secure funding for large-scale mitigation projects."


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Scot Phelps said...

Thanks for posting my article in your blog. Although I doubt you will be able to keep it up in the coming few years, I appreciate both the posting and your speech at the IAEM midyear.