Monday, November 10, 2008

Natural Hazards Observer | Natural Hazards Center

Natural Hazards Observer Natural Hazards Center: "Social Media and the Democratic Convention"

What happens when Web 2.0 meets the “official version?”

The world has gone a-Twitter. And a-Flickr. And you- Tube’n.

Micromedia, new social media, Web 2.0 – call it what you like. Peer-to-peer information and communication technologies are changing the way information is shared in a disaster. These new technologies, both online and mobile, include such things as social networks ike Facebook and MySpace, photo sharing through Flickr, video sharing through YouTube, and microblogging with Twitter. In this article, we discuss how new social media have been used in recent crises and disasters, and the ways that public information officers monitored information online during the Democratic National Convention in Denver. more

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